General Tools

We stock all of your standard and specialty tools!
  • Vise Grips
  • C-Clamps & Related Products
  • Pipe Wrenches
  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Ladders
  • Hoists - CM (various lift capacities available - several in stock)

Cutting Tools

      Cutting Outfits
  • Torch Outfits
Port-a-Torches and Tank Sets available!
Oxygen and Propane sets also available!
  • Tip Cleaners
  • Twin Hose
  • Hose Repair and Installation Kits
  • Regulators - Oxy and Ace
  • Carts for Medium & Large Cylinders
  • Strikers and Flint Replacements
  • Soapstone and Holders
  • Markal Paint Markers
  • Tank Vises (great for transporting)
  • Welding Jackets and Sleeves
  • Cutting Goggles and Glasses
  • Ground Clamps
  • Stingers / Electrode Holders
  • Cable Connectors
  • Lug Ends
  • Welding Cable

Drill Presses



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